SF State - Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane

Strategic Planning

Current SF State ATI Goals

  • Explore options to support textbook adoption deadlines for departments with late-hire faculty.
  • Work with Campus Athletics department on captioning all videos posted to their website.
  • Document current workflows of faculty uploading instructional materials online in order to identify existing campus structures and procedures that promote efficient remediation of instructional materials
  • Develop method of tracking purchases in which exemptions have been granted so vendor engagement can begin in advance of contract renewal.

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SF State Accomplishments

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CSU Chancellor’s Office Projects

  • The 2013/14 systemwide goal is in the area of Instruction Materials - "Systemwide Instructional Materials Awareness Training."
  • The 2012/13 systemwide goal was in the area of Procurment - "Establish a process with roles assigned for all parts of creating an Equally-Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) ". SF State succesfully implemented this goal and an EEAAP was created for use on campus.
  • The eTextbook Accessibility Project is intended for campuses to evaluate, select, and implement eTextbook products that are as accessible as possible for students, staff, and faculty
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