SF State - Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane

Roles and Responsibilities for individuals associated with the accessible E&IT procurement process are listed below

Campus Requestor

This is the individual who is initiating the request for the acquisition of an E&IT product or service. Campus Requestor is not to be confused with the term Requestor as applied to individuals designated to input requisitions in the PO module of the Financial Management System (FMS). Although Campus Requestors have primary responsibility to determine requirements, conduct research and document the process, they will be supported by the DACA, E&IT Technical Advisors and procurement staff to ensure SF State’s E&IT procurement processes are successfully followed.

The Campus Requestor:

  1. Develops functional requirements for the requested products or services.
  2. Conducts market research to identify sources that meet the functional requirements.
  3. Determines which accessibility standards are applicable for the product.
  4. Evaluates the vendor responses to Section 508 compliance.
  5. Verifies Section 508 compliance information submitted.
  6. Provides Section 508 documentation for the acquisition file.
  7. Obtains signature of designated department Approver (as defined in FMS) on all required Section 508 documentation.
  8. Obtains Section 508 Compliance Officer review and approval of exemptions to Section 508 requirements.
  9. Provides the acquisition request along with the approved Section 508 documentation to the Buyer.
  10. Researches acquisitions requiring formal competition and assists in the development of specifications including 508 compliance standards and criteria by which the standards can be reviewed and evaluated.Takes part in bid/proposal evaluation and award decision.
  11. Advises the DPRC whenever a non-conforming E&IT acquisition has been made and assists in the development of a plan for alternative access or accommodation.

The Campus Requestor and Disability Access Compliance Analyst (DACA) with assistance from the E&IT Technical Advisor and the Purchasing Office will determine the information that firms will be required to submit to document the degree of compliance with Section 508 requirements and the criteria and its relative weighting that will be used to evaluate the documents submitted. Section 508 standards constitute an additional set of requirements to be evaluated and will be considered among all other procurement requirements in reaching an award decision. All other requirements are still relevant and evaluated as well. The contract award will be made to the vendor proposing the commercial product that provides the greatest degree of compliance while satisfying other legal, policy and functional requirements.

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