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Forms and Standards

SF State’s Section 508 ICT Product Requisition Support Form

This form is to be used by Campus Requester when processing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products procured, developed, managed and used. This product requisition form serves as a Section 508 checklist by identification of the ICT products priority setting AKA Impact, technical standard, level of 508 compliance, and if warranted, Section 508 exemption.
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SF State Procurement Process Guide

The Procurement Work Group has developed a workflow process guide to assist Campus Requestors and ICT TA’s with the eight basic stages and requirements within the ICT procurement process. This is a useful one-page representation of what is required to process an ICT procurement.

Equally Effective Alternative Access Plan (EEAAP)

This form is required when systems, software or processes do not meet requirements of Section 508. This alternative access plan must be developed to ensure people with disabilites wll have equal access to the information provided by the ICT being purchased.

Download SF State’s EEAAP Form.

Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Standards

San Francisco State University applies standards based on Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 includes a set of accessibility standards for six categories of ICT including websites and web applications, hardware, software, telecommunications, multimedia, and self-contained closed products like copiers, fax machines, kiosks, etc. SF State must incorporate Section 508 standards as we develop or acquire new ICT resources. You can read brief descriptions of each standard and the supporting resources.

Section 508 Standards.

Defining an Accessible Product

The following Section 508.gov paper-tool provides formal and common language descriptions of each criteria within a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). In addition, example of assistive technology and its application are contained in this 508 Quick Reference Guide: Accessibility Forum’s

Quick Reference Guide to Section 508  (.doc, pp. 5-30)

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CSU ATI Appendix C

Appendix C contains useful steps and language for requesting a VPAT from a vendor. 

CSU Guide to Completing the Voluntary Product Evaluation Template (VPAT)

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ICT Request for Purchase Letter

This form letter has been used successfully to inform vendors of the ATI, direct them to examples of completed VPATs, and how they may complete a VPAT.  We recommend reviewing the structure of the letter and rewriting it with your own voice.

VPAT Request Letter

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