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Multimedia Training


Multimedia Accessibility Captioning Guide (pdf)

Download free Adobe Reader

This PDF resource guide was developed by the CSU for multimedia captioning.
It will show you:

  • How to caption video by using Automatic Sync Technologies
  • How to get and use transcripts and caption files
  • Provides resources on captioning in Flash
  • Provides a listing of tools to be used in a variety of situations to meet captioning needs.

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Captioning Essentials from the Media Access Group

What are closed captions, and why do I need to worry about them?
How can I tell if the captions are okay? If you are trying to answer these questions check out this online resourse created by the Media Access Group.

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Definition of Common Terms

The National Captioning Institute provides a comprehensive list of terms used in captioning.

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Multimedia Tutorials

Here are tutorials for multimedia captioning developed by CSU Long Beach.

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Web Captioning Providers

Provided in this website are a list of vendors who provide web captioning service.

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Flash Captioning

Here you will find a resource to publish your video clips to the web as FLASH Video with closed captioning.

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Flash Accessibility (CS4) (pdf)

This tutorial was ceated by Adobe and repurposed with their permission for use on this site. For information, visit the Adobe website.


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