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Procurement Training

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, VPAT Guide

The VPAT Guide is an online resource that guides users through the process of providing vendors with instructions as to how they are expected to complete the Voluntary Product Evaluation Template (VPAT) for the California State University.


ATI Procurement Guidelines

California State University has compiled a great resource for professional development. Here you will find a compiled list of guidelines to be used to u in completing your procurement process. More on procurement guidelines.


Understanding Section 508 and the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template,VPAT

This archived video webinar, Understanding Section 508 and VPATs with Jim Tobias

was produced by the CSU Professional Development Group.

For more information contact: Jim Tobias email: tobias@inclusive.com

Here you can watch the sections of the webinar broken in to modules.

Background of Section 508 (video 8 min)

  • Disability and Accessibility
    Accessibility Laws and Trends
    Benefits to the CSU Community
    Origin of Section 508

How the VPAT Got Its Grid (video 11 min)

  • Technical Provisions
    Functional Performance Criteria
    Information, Documentation, and Support

Getting a VPAT (video 10 min)

  • 4 Situations
    Searching for VPATs
    What To Ask For

Evaluating and Comparing VPATs (video 8 min)

  • Walkthrough of Steps
    Comparing VPATs

Frequently Unasked Questions (video 9 min)

  • Can I Prioritize by Impact?
    The Vendor is Stonewalling -- What Do I Do?
    Isn't Assistive Technology Good Enough?
    How Much Paperwork Do I Still Have To Do?


Section 508 Basic Training:

Tutorials for Purchasing Accessible Technology

This archived video webinar, Section 508 Procurement Training with John Brundage was produced by the CSU Professional Development Group. The links here are to the archived videos.

For more information contact Jon Brundage

Here you can watch the sections of the webinar broken in to modules.

Introcudition to 508-Session One (video 4.5 min)

  • 508 and Disabilities
    Assistive Technologies
    Legal Background

Software and Applications-Session Two (video 9.5 min)

  • Software Applications and Operating Systems
  • Web-based Intranet & Internet Information & Applications
    Telecommunications Products
    Video & Multimedia Products; Self-Contained & Closed Products, Desktops and Portable Computers

Standards, Exceptions and VPATs-Session Three (video 13.5 min)

  • Determining 508 Standards to Products
    Buy Accessible Wizard
    Introduction to VPATs
    Use of VPAT in Procurement
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