Asian American Studies


Asian American Studies Department at SFSU

Professor Le at a Community Health Fair (2012)

AAS Department Chair–Grace Yoo, PhD
AAS MA Program Coordinator–Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, PhD
AAS Administrative Analyst/Specialist–Becky Mou

Asian American Studies (AAS) Department, the largest of five departments/unit in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, was created as a result of the 1968 Black Student Union/Third World Liberation Front Student Strike. A settlement was signed on March 20, 1969 to establish the country’s first and still only School (now College) of Ethnic Studies at SF State with the following four units: American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Black (now Africana) Studies, and La Raza (now Latina/o) Studies. In Fall 1997, an AAS baccalaureate major was launched, with the first BA class of ten graduating in 1998. Subsequently, the California State University Chancellor’s Office approved the AAS master’s degree program to officially begin in Spring 2000. The Department was recognized in 1994 by the Asian Pacific American Education Advisory Committee of the Chancellor’s Office as an “exemplary” program.

AAS at SF State is also the largest AAS Department in the country, currently staffed with 16 tenured/tenure-track faculty and 7 lecturers. In Fall 1969, AAS began its first semester with 17 different courses. The department has now grown to 40 undergraduate and 13 graduate courses, with 9 new undergraduate courses scheduled for AY 2014-15. Dedicated to teaching, studying, and serving our diverse Asian American communities, the following ethnic units have been established within the department: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, Southeast Asian (Cambodian and Vietnamese), and Asian of Mixed Heritage. With over 50 undergraduate and graduate courses taught by over 20 faculty, AAS has the nation’s most comprehensive program of study on the Asian American experience, with a commitment to serving our students, the academe, and most important, our Asian American communities.

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