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2001 Inductees



Wesla Whitfield
Alumna of the Year

In accepting the honor, she recalled the turmoil of the day of the strike at SFSU in the l960's. Whitfield's goal to become a singer began at age two. She studied music at San Francisco State in the 60's and sang with the San Francisco Opera chorus. She later became a singing cocktail waitress on the Baywind boat/restaurant. In 1977, tragedy changed her life. While walking on a SF street, she was struck in the spine by a random bullet. Now unable to walk, she sings sitting on a stool, her voice filling nightclub rooms and symphony halls with the beauty of her voice and her unique interpretation of lyrics. Her husband, jazz pianist and arranger, Mike Greensill, accompanies her at concerts and on her many recordings. Tony Bennett said, "This wonderful singer thrills me when I hear her." For more information, visit Wesla Whitfield's official web site: http://www.weslawhitfield.com


Peter Casey
Seven-time Emmy winner for producing such shows as "Frasier", "Cheers", and "The Jeffersons", became overcome with emotion as he recalled three SFSU teachers who encouraged him in his script-writing goals.


Superintendent of Oakland schools Dennis Chacones said that his parents and teachers told him he wouldn't amount to anything, and that it was SFSU teachers who built his confidence and helped him toward his credential.


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