Student Involvement and Career Center

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Career Counseling

Career Counseling

The Career Center offers individual career counseling and career assessments for all students. Working with a career counselor can help you:

  • Decide on a major related to your interests
  • Investigate ways to use your major in the "real world" of work
  • Discuss ideas and concerns about career-related issues
  • Make effective career decisions
  • Learn how to conduct a professional job search
  • Create an targeted resume
  • Develop effective interviewing techniques

Meet with a Career Counselor

Studenst can meet with a career counselor during Quick Question and by appointment.

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Students of Other CSUs:

Currently enrolled students from CSUs other than SF State are eligible for Career Center services, and do not need to purchase a Membership. Students must present the following:

  1. Letter of reciprocity from their institution's career center
  2. Valid (current) student ID

Students of Other Schools:

As a SF State student service, Career Center services are not available to the non-CSU community. Students of non-CSU educational institutions, students from the College of Extended Learning and American Language Institute, as well as members of the community are not eligible to access SF State Career Center Services.

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