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GatorJOBSExternal Linkprovides work-study, student assistant (non work-study), part-time, full-time, temporary and internship opportunities targeted to SF State students and alumni by employers. Only SF State students, recent alums (up to six months after graduation) and Career Center Members are eligible to view job listings.

Job Binders

A limited number of job binders—maintained at the Career Center—offer a variety of job opportunities. These binders are updated regularly, so be sure to check them often.

Career Fairs, Expos & Symposiums

Students can meet a variety of employers seeking SF State students and alumni for full-time and internship opportunities at several career fairs held on campus throughout the academic school year. Students should dress professionally, bring resumes and attend as many fairs as possible to increase their opportunities for success.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Every Fall and Spring semester employers visit the campus to interview eligible SF State students and alumni for full-time and internship positions. Use the On-Campus Interviewing function within GatorJOBSExternal Linkto view available positions, submit resumes and sign-up for interview times. For more information, download the following file:

  • For more information about On-Campus Interviews, click here.

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On-campus Jobs

Below you will find information about common on-campus job programs. For more information on student employment programs and other options, go to the SF State Office of Financial Aid.External LinkOn-campus positions for students are listed on GatorJOBS,External Linkour online job listing service. You can also contact the on-campus department where you would like to work.

Work-Study Program (Financial Aid)

Work-Study is a Federal financial aid employment program which helps students finance their education via part-time jobs. To be eligible for a position that is funded through the Work-Study Program, you must have applied for financial aid and have received a Work-Study award on the Financial Offer Letter.

Most students looking for Work-Study employment are able to find jobs, but the Work-Study award is not a guarantee that you will find a job nor that you will earn the entire amount listed in your Offer Letter. You may earn up to, but not more than, the total Work-Study award in your Offer Letter.

Your total earnings are dependent upon the number of hours you work and your hourly pay rate. You must be enrolled full-time through the regular university to be employed in a Work-Study position (12 units for undergraduates, 8 units for graduates).

A Work-Study award on your Offer Letter is NOT a cash award. After you find employment and begin working, you will receive a Work-Study paycheck.

Please be aware that earnings from Non-Work Study funded positions will be included as income if you apply for financial aid in future years. A financial aid counselor should be consulted if you have any questions or concerns regarding how employment may impact your eligibility for financial aid.

Position classifications that may be held under the Work-Study Program include the Student Trainee, which are often referred to as "work study student assistants" (Classification Codes: 1872 and 1871), Instructional Student Assistant (Classification Code: 1151), and Graduate Assistant (Classification Code: 2326). The Work-Study Program cannot be used in conjunction with Teaching Associate appointments.

Student Assistant Positions

Student Assistant appointments are part-time, on-campus positions available to students who are enrolled at least half-time through the regular university (6 units undergraduates, 4 units graduates). These positions typically involve clerical or manual work. They are not covered by a collective bargaining unit agreement. (Non Work-Study Classification Code: 1870)

Instructional Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant, and Teaching Associate Positions

These positions are part-time positions for currently enrolled or admitted SF State graduate students and are covered by a collective bargaining unit agreement (Unit 11):

  • Instructional Student Assistant positions (Classification Codes: 1150, 1151) typically involve tutoring, teaching, grading or other duties in an academic department, program or administrative area and are paid on a hourly basis.
  • Graduate Assistant positions typically involve assisting a faculty member or teaching staff with professional and technical duties associated with the area in which the graduate student is commencing or completing graduate study/work (Classification Codes: 2325, 2326).
  • Teaching Associate positions provide graduate students with practical teaching experience in fields related to the area of study and also involve assisting faculty or teaching staff with various professional and technical activities related to classroom and/or laboratory instruction.

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International Students

Download a pamphlet describing the employment process for international students:

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