Final Report: Topic Outline

Hours Worked
Per Semester or Summer Seesion
Length of Paper
120 - 160 hours
One Unit
3 - 4 pages
161 - 230 hours
Three Units
5 - 7 pages
231 - 345 hours
Six Units
8 - 10 pages
346 - 455  hours
Nine Units
11 - 13 pages
456 hours and up
Twelve Units
14 - 15 pages

   Final Report: Topic Outline

  I.  Introduction
   1) Who do you work for? Describe the company/business.
   2) Job Description: What did you accomplish or do for your employer?
   3) Details about internship/job (i.e. Pay rate, hours worked)

  II.  Discussion
   1) Learning Objectives
   2) What did you learn from this experience? Give examples of how you learned or were given opportunities to learn.
   3) Give examples of what skills were developed by doing job-related activities.
   4) What academic knowledge did you apply to this job? (i.e. self-paced learning skills, classes, time management)
   5) How is this internship/job related to your field of study/major?

  III.  Conclusions
   1) How did this experience affect you?
      (a) Vocationally
      (b) Academically
   2) Have you found that you like or dislike your chosen career field? Explain why.
   3) Have you found greater clarity for the courses you need to study to be more effective or employable in the “real world”?
   4) What are you career plans now?

  IV.  Recommendations
   1) What do you recommend to other students?
   2) Should other students take an internship?
   3) How could you have been better prepared for this internship?
   4) How could you have handled a difficult situation better?
   5) How could you have benefited more from this experience?