Adaptive Technology Disability Programs and Resource Center

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Signage Standards

Modify any semi-permanent signage that is to be posted within a computing facility for an entire semester (15 weeks) or longer according to the standards listed below. Contact DPRC staff at or ext. 82472 for technical assistance.

  • Create computer-generated signs (preferably using white paper with black letters) maintaining a minimum of 70% contrast difference between characters/graphics and background.
  • Reduce glare by avoiding use of high gloss or laminated products.
  • Select a sans-serif font such as Arial and size a minimum of 18 points.
  • Size characters and symbols according to viewing distance. Signs mounted 80" or more above the finished floor must have 3" high minimum characters.
  • Request Braille representation of sign content on clear DYMOT tape from the DPRC and attach on sign.
  • Mount sign so that the height of Braille characters is at 60 inches from the floor, and the floor space below sign is free and clear of obstructions.
  • Despite sign quality, be prepared to offer assistance to users with disabilities upon request and convey sign content verbally.
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