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The LAC works closely with the University Director, Mary Soliday, to develop a strong GWAR writing support program. If you are enrolled in a GWAR course, you’ll be expected to write often and complete several writing assignments over the course of the semester. The LAC has writing tutors available to work with you on GWAR projects at any stage of the writing process.


A GWAR writing tutor can help you with the following reading and writing assignments for your GWAR course:


  • becoming familiar with the language and discourse of the discipline
  • reading for key concepts; navigating different areas of knowledge
  • identifying common themes in readings; making connections between ideas
  • analyzing different conceptual and methodological frameworks
  • defining key terms; identifying dependent and independent variables
  • organizing information and ideas; creating outlines
  • analyzing data; creating charts and data from on-line sources
  • developing sound arguments; using evidence from scholarly texts and primary sources


A GWAR writing tutor can support you with the following research writing skills:


  • analyzing and breaking down assignments
  • formulating research questions
  • narrowing down a topic
  • finding and evaluating sources
  • drafting and revising proposal abstracts
  • understanding qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • using empirical data and textual information to persuade
  • applying APA and MLA styles: formatting, quoting, paraphrasing
  • citing sources; creating a works-cited page


A GWAR writing tutor can also help you work and improve your study skills:


  • annotating texts
  • taking lecture notes
  • managing your time
  • understanding assignments



If you are an instructor looking for support with your GWAR course, LAC faculty and staff can work with you to develop materials and approaches for teaching writing and create tutoring sessions tailored for the students in your course. LAC faculty can assist you in the following:


  • developing effective writing assignments and rubrics
  • creating peer review sessions tailored to your class and your assignments
  • commenting on student writing
  • developing lessons for a particular writing issue

We can offer the following types of tutoring for GWAR students:


  • individual
  • pairs and small groups
  • small group writing workshops
  • in-center workshops
  • writing clinics: for specific courses
  • writing studios: students bring own work; meet twice a week; receive credit
  • writing fellows: tutors embedded in specific classes

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