Learning Assistance Center

All SF State students can use the LAC lab.



The LAC Computer Lab, located in HSS345, has both PC and Macs. Microsoft Office 2013, Creative Suite 6, and other applications are available. You can work in the lab with or without your tutor and at your own pace. A lab tutor is always on staff to help you with basic computer skills.


Bring your student ID to sign-in.  One-card printing is available and you can add funds on-line by using the following link:


and follow the OneCard link.

If you have not registered at the LAC, you will need to fill out a brief intake form the first time you use the lab.




Computer lab tutors can work with you to learn important computer-related skills: how to use standard word-processing programs, how to use e-mail, how to navigate iLearn, how to prepare presentations, how to do basic database research, etc. Make an appointment at the front desk in HSS 348 for this kind of support.


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