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The LAC provides individual and group tutoring for SF State students for a wide range of courses. Tutors are trained to focus on teaching transferable skills (annotating texts, for example) so that students can independently apply these new skills to their work for all courses at the university.


Visit Tutoring at the LAC to find out more about how tutoring works..


Visit Subjects and Courses tutored to find out whether the LAC offers tutoring for courses you teach. You can also call the LAC faculty at 338-1993 or 338-1994.


Visit All SF State Tutoring Services to find out whether other campus services offer tutoring for your courses.


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Referring Students

If you'd like to refer a student, use the referral form to describe what skills or areas you feel the student needs to work on in order to do well in your course. If you are referring a student for help with writing, please encourage the student to bring a sample of their writing, with your comments, and a copy of your prompt. Although we cannot offer all students who are referred a weekly appointment, your information is helpful to LAC tutors. You may also pick up referral forms at the center (HSS 348).


Other Types of Support

The LAC faculty supports SF State instructors across disciplines. In the past, as examples, the LAC faculty has taught a lesson during regular class time on citation skills, worked with a teacher to redesign writing assignments, supported new instructors in giving effective feedback to multilingual writers.

The LAC staff will be happy to visit your class to introduce campus tutoring services to your students. Please contact us at 338-1993 or at lac@sfsu.edu to discuss your class composition and goals and to set up a convenient time to visit.

The LAC offers additional types of support to SF State students and instructors. The
LAC Writing Workshops are for freshman-level students in the Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) or Composition for Multilingual Students’(CMS) Intensive Learning Program (ILP) who are referred by their teachers.

As part of SF State’s WAC/WID program, the LAC faculty works with SF State instructors who are teaching GWAR courses. LAC faculty can help GWAR instructors by working with LAC tutors to develop small group sessions focused on individual assignments. Or, GWAR instructors can also refer students for on-going support with their reading and writing for the course.


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