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In the Department of Residential Life there is a continuing commitment to engage our students in the co-curricular experience at SF State. Through online surveys, focus groups and other methods, we are able to learn more about the student experience and how we can work to better meet the needs of an ever-changing student population.

The Fall First Year Student survey of incoming residential first-year students will be conducted for the first year at SF State! In these surveys students rate the likelihood that they will have a number of collective college experiences. After having approximately 51% of our first year residential students respond to the voluntary survey, we are excited to be able to report of the these students realities in the follow up survey to occur in January/February 2014.

Programming surveys are conducted with residents who attend community events and programs. The goal of obtaining this feedback is to improve our efforts in programming so as to better meet the needs of our students and their experience in residential life and at SF State.

Additionally our aim is to use the information gathered as a way to inform our practice and stay current with student needs. We intend to use this data to improve our program with regard to preparing our professional and student staff to work with the residential population and to work toward providing opportunities for residents to holistically engage in the collegiate experience.

For more information regarding Residential Life Assessment at SF State please contact Johana Duarte, Project Coordinator of Residential Life at

Living Learning Theme and Communities Assessment Reports are found below:


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