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Learning Communities

The learning communities are academically supported by faculty from each college. Students must enroll in classes in relation to the community they decide to reside.

Science & Technology Theme Community 1st year**

The Science & Technology Theme Community is specifically designed for first-time freshman students of the College of Science and Engineering. The aim of the community is to prepare residents for careers in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering. Through social and educational programming, residents will be able to build connections between what they have learned in the classroom and what they do in their everyday lives. The community also provides networking opportunities for residents to meet professors and other professionals in their field of study.

Building/Floor(s): Towers Jr. Suites
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)
Major(s): Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology (several Concentrations), Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Clinical Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Meteorology, Physics and Astrophysics, Psychology, Physiology, Statistics, Zoology


The residents in the Business Community experience a very lively and social atmosphere, while benefiting from a vast network of resources in the business field. Residents share similar interests and have classes that overlap each other, creating a great opportunity for residents to bond through communication and collaboration between each floor. The Business Community welcomes residents majoring in Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting. Our community fosters and promotes a practical and analytical approach to a prosperous academic career in the College of Business.

Building/Floor(s): Village at Centennial Square
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman), 2nd year
Major(s): Accounting, Corporate Finance, Decision Sciences, Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management, Financial Services, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing

Cultural Awareness and Global Consciousness*

The Cultural Awareness and Global Consciousness Community helps students to understand the introductory knowledge of cultural identity by reflecting on class material and learning from each other. The community engages in activities that examine the relationship between societies of the world and their struggles to preserve their cultures.

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square
Major(s): Africana Studies, American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Liberal Studies, Political Science, Raza Studies, Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Urban Studies & Planning, and Women & Gender Studies

Inquiry, Depth, Eloquence, Agility (IDEA)*

"Oh, the Humanity!” IDEA is all about embracing the many sectors of the College of Humanities. Geeky art references, philosophical jokes and 'This Day in History' are a normal part of everyday life on this floor. The IDEA community emphasizes the goals of both self-understanding and active participation in one’s community to give students a greater understanding of themselves and their cultures, and to help them think critically. Being a member of the I.D.E.A. community provides an excellent opportunity to be a part of a strong network, gain advice from other students in your major and learn much.

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square
Major(s): Anthropology, Classics, Comparative and World Literature, English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Humanities, Jewish Studies, and Philosophy


LiFE (Living in a Fit Environment) is a community in which residents can explore, expand, and put their knowledge to experience in health related fields. We, as a LiFE community, strive to provide a studious yet free-spirited environment in which first-year students have the opportunity to ask questions, talk to health field professionals, and obtain information that will help them excel in their future career goals. As a staff, we not only encourage residents to excel academically but also foster a community for personal and professional development. Our staff also encourages residents to seek campus resources and other organizations through different events and programs. We hope you join us!

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square
Major(s): Child and Adolescent Development, Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics, Health Education, Kinesiology, Nursing, Parks & Tourism, Physical Therapy, Recreation, and Social Work

MVP - College of Liberal & Creative Arts*

The MVP community is an assortment of students with a declared major in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts that are pursing art-oriented degrees and lives. The abbreviation MVP represents the three primary areas of representation within the arts: Music, Visual, and Performance. Taken collectively or individually these areas of emphasis denote the basic experiences with which one engages with art. The goal of the MVP community is to situate the artistic interests of residents within a liberal arts framework to produce independent creative artists and thinkers. It is our philosophy within the MVP community that college should be more than perfecting already acquired skills and should instead reflect a period of contemplation and exploration between oneself and the arts. From opportunities to engage with faculty members from your department to sharing ideas and forms of expression with other members of the community the choice to become an MVP will be a memorable complement to your academic and artistic careers.

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square
Major(s): Art, Apparel Design and Merchandising, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA), Cinema, Communication Studies, Creative Writing, Dance, Design and Industry, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Theatre Arts, Technical and Professional Writing, and World Music and Dance

*Currently Active
**Coming Fall 2014

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