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Image: Photos of the diverse SF State Student community getting involved in various activities such as joining organizations and participating in the SF State Greek Life. Also pictured is the Student Involvement and Career Center Logo.


Brie Shimada

Name: Brie Shimada
Chair: Student Life Activities Board
Major: Communication Studies
Class: Class of 2015
Email: Brie Shimada, Student Life Activities Board Chair
Hometown: Granite Bay, CA
Our mission is for SLAB to enhance the SF State student experience, building community, and Gator spirit throughout the campus and San Francisco communities. SLAB creates, plans and executes campus-wide events, provides student involvement and leadership opportunities, informs students regarding campus activities and resources, and provides career and recreational experiences. I got involved with SLAB because I really wanted to make a difference on campus and improve the student life here at SFSU. It's been such a fun and rewarding experience and I encourage everyone to come out and get involved with SLAB!

Ivan Contreras

Name: Ivan Contreras
Chair: Music & Concerts Committee
Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management
Class: Class of 2014
Email: Ivan Contreras, Music & Concerts Chair
Hometown: Pacoima, CA
I joined SLAB because I want to be able to make Student Life on campus more vibrant! I love all music and don't care what genre it is as long as it has the PARTY going! My team and I will be planning out your Music and Live Concerts events, if you would like to get involved come check us out! Let's work collaboratively and bring some great music acts to SFSU.

Veronica France

Name: Veronica France
Chair: Arts & Culture Committee
Major: Pre Fashion Apparel Design and Merchandising with a minor in Dance
Class: Class of 2016
Email: Veronica France, Arts & Culture Chair
Hometown: Susanville, CA
I grew up in performing arts and with a family that always pushed me to try new things, so when the opportunity to join SLAB arrived I jumped at it. I personally want to grow and help others around me become aware of all the amazing art and culture resources we have here on campus and also be able to express them selves in a productive way. So if you have the same love for creativity and culture as I do I'd love to have you join my team!

Christin Ornells

Name: Christin Ornells
Chair: Gator Spirit Committee
Major: Undeclared with interest in Cinema, Biology, and Journalism
Class: Class of 2016
Email: Christin Ornells, Gator Spirit Chair
Hometown: Ceres, CA
I came to SFSU looking for a Leadership program like the one I had belonged to in high school. I’ve always enjoyed school events and I already knew that I wanted to be a part of event planning. As a freshman, I had a really tough time finding out how to join different organizations because I was already so lost. I saw advertisements to join SLAB on Facebook and I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. Being the Chair of Gator Spirit means that I have a chance to make a difference in the way people feel about school. School is more enjoyable when you’re proud to be a Gator and if you agree, then join my team! My committee could use some more GATORS! ☺

Name: Tawnee Vallar
Chair: Special Events Committee
Email: Tawnee Vallar, Special Events Chair

Name: Ketura Bursytn
Chair: SLAB Street Team
Email: Ketura Bursytn, Street Team Chair

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