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Posting Jobs and Internships

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Online Employment Listings (GatorJOBS)

List employment vacancies exclusively to SF State students and alumni through our on-line database powered by GatorJOBS. Only SF State students and recent alumni have access to these employment listings: you connect with our pool of qualified students while effortlessly filtering undesired responses!

Employers can list full-time, part-time, and seasonal vacancies, as well as co-op and internship opportunities. Posting jobs exclusively to SF State is free; there is a charge for posting to multiple schools.

  • To learn more about posting to multiple schools, click here.
  • To post your employment vacancies on GatorJOBS, click here.

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Employment Binders

Posting job announcements in our employment binders at the Student Involvement & Career Center is a free service. To be approved, all job postings must contain the following:

  • Employing organization's name
  • Contact person's name, title (if applicable) and phone number
  • Location or address of the company and/or job-site
  • Rate of pay

We provide an optional Job Posting TemplatePDF File[PDF] as an outline of items typically included in a basic job posting. You can e-mail, fax or mail full-time, part-time, seasonal or temporary vacancies for our employment binders:

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Internships and Co-ops

Posting Internships

Organizations can post internship and co-op opportunities in hard copy by sending them to the Student Involvement & Career Center for placement in our employment binders (see above). These can be paid or unpaid and part- or full-time. However, we encourage organizations to post on GatorJOBS for the widest exposure to SF State students.

Internship Wage Regulations

All unpaid internships posted with the Student Involvement & Career Center must conform to wage regulations as outlined by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please review the Wage and Hour Division's six-point unpaid intern test to ensure that your internship program falls within federal standards.

Internships for Academic Credit

Many students are interested in earning academic credit during their internship or co-op. For a program to be eligible for academic credit, the employer/organization must work in conjunction with a faculty advisor to fulfill specific requirements established by the student's academic department. Often such a program involves little additional effort on the part of the employer.

Consult directly with the Deans' or Chairs' offices of appropriate SF State College departments for more information. Some departments have designated internship advisors. To view a list of internship advisor contacts and identify the appropriate faculty member, click here.PDF File[PDF]

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Print Advertisements

Publicize your employment opportunities and campus visits through the weekly campus newspaper. Contact The [X]Press External Linkat (415) 338-3133 for rates and deadlines for Thursday publication.

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