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Image: Photos of the diverse SF State Student community getting involved in various activities such as joining organizations and participating in the SF State Greek Life. Also pictured is the Student Involvement and Career Center Logo.

What is SLAB?

The Student Life Activities Board is a student led group that proactively develops and provides the SF State community with cultural, social, and educational programs. These programs include events and activities representing a diverse variety of topics and genres that reflect the mission of SF State, and enrich the campus community.

The board has five committees with specific charges and responsibilities including Music & Concerts, Arts & Culture, Gator Spirit, Special Events & the Street Team. Each committee is composed of a student chairperson, a number of student members, and faculty & staff representatives for administrative support.

SLAB works in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office & Departments to bring brand new programs, events and activities to SF State, while continuing to develop events such as Noise Complaint, Cultural Trips, Pride Prom, Casino Nights, Movie Nights & more!

Never heard of SLAB?

SLAB is a new program that was in it's inaugural semester in Spring 2013! It was created as part of a larger effort to turn over the reigns to our student leaders more than ever! The program will continue to develop into the future, but if you're looking for a way to get involved with a new exciting and rewarding leadership opportunity, you've found it!


How can I Get Involved?

If you would like to join as a SLAB member, please Sign-up Here. We will reach out to you once you've signed up!


Applications are now closed for the five of the six SLAB chairperson positions. Submit your applicatoin and we will get back to you soon for more Spring 2016 opportunities.

Committee Descriptions

Music & Concerts
The Music & Concerts committee is responsible for the production, creative direction, and execution of live music events on campus including large shows, concerts and festivals.
Email : Vernon Piccinotti, SLAB Advisor

Arts & Culture
The Arts & Culture committee links the student body to cultural events on campus and in the local community. Arts & culture activities include outings to museums & parades, cultural & city celebrations and sporting events.
Email : Vernon Piccinotti, SLAB Advisor

Gator Spirit
The Spirit committee is responsible for the oversight and execution of all events relating to gator pride, including homecoming, spirit days, class year competitions & more!
Email : Vernon Piccinotti, SLAB Advisor

Special Events
The Special Events committee is responsible for producing and hosting events such as Lectures, Carnivals, Pride Prom, Casino Nights, Movie Nights and more!
Email : Vernon Piccinotti, SLAB Advisor

Street Team
The SLAB Street Team carries out promotion, recruitment, and other marketing efforts in conjunction with the student life marketing team. The street team is the face of the Student Life Activities Board and is responsible for strategizing and implementing strategic outreach initiatives.
Email : Vernon Piccinotti, SLAB Advisor

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