PG&E Power Update

PG&E has reduced its list of Bay Area counties subject to potential power outages. San Francisco State University will remain open for classes and operations and will continue to monitor conditions. For updates and FAQs, visit the SF State News site.

Get Social

Todays Food+Shelter+Success event focused on helping students on tight budgets feed themselves. Groups held cooking classes, handed out information on shopping for fresh and healthy food while on a budget and created art projects around food insecurity and community. There were also free tacos!  Yum!

Get Proud

When you are a Gator, you follow in some pretty impressive claw prints. Meet just a few of our distinguished alumni who are making creativity and innovation happen across the globe.

picture of Alumni Chris Larsen
Chris Larsen
Chairman and CEO

In 1993 this E-Loan co-founder was instrumental in passing California's strong consumer financial privacy law.